Whether you need a location to publish your "camera ready" Web Pages or you need support in developing a World Class Web Site, Digital Dimensions can provide the services you need. As you can see from the chart below, our prices are extremely competitive, and our services cover all your needs.

Our fee schedule for Publishing and Design and Construction Services is based on page length, unlike many other companies who base their charges on the amount of hard disk space required. We feel that fees determined by the storage requirements of your pages place a penalty on the use of graphics, sounds, and video, the very elements that make the World Wide Web so attractive and useful. With page length being the criteria the costs will be the same for a full page of text, or a full page composed of images. You can feel free to design your pages solely on the way you wish to present your content, not on the size of your files. Since a Web Page can actually be infinitly long, we have defined a page as the equivalent of what can be displayed on an 8 1/2 by 11 inch piece of paper.

World Wide Web Services - Rate Schedule:

A one time setup fee $50.00
Page 1 $35.00/month
Pages 2+ $20.00/month

[Includes layout design, and HTML coding]
With artwork ready for scanning $50.00/page
Imaging Services $50.00/hour (prorated)
Modification and/or Additions $50.00/hour (prorated)