Digital Dimensions is proud to offer a complete DESIGN and PUBLISHING service that meets all your Internet needs. Work with our experienced and talented designers to create your dream pages, or develop them yourself. Either way we can offer a wide range of services with the unbeatable combination of the QUALITY you deserve, and AFFORDABLE prices.

World Wide Web Publishing Services:
Digital Dimensions offers everything you need to place and support your completed HTML page(s) on Web.
  • Start as simply as a single page, or develop a complex, multi-page site.

  • Include text, pictures, even sound and video.

  • Set up reader response forms to:
    • Provide direct communication with your readers
    • Return requested documents automatically by e-mail.

  • Use Image Maps.

  • Receive monthly activity reports. You won't have to guess whether your site is being visited.

  • "Virtual e-mail" address:
    • E-mail and submitted forms can be automatically forwarded to a different e-mail address.
    • All messages can be faxed or mailed to you if you don't have an actual e-mail address.

  • Your Web Site can be announced at appropriate On-line directories and Newsgroups.